Our expertise

Innovation and craftsmanship

Mercury Yacht Construction specialises in the engineering, production and outfit integration of newly-built yacht hulls and refits, including associated construction works. The produced hulls are characterised by high technical complexity and high-quality finishing.

Streamlined processes

We have access to various production halls, including a workshop for pre-assembly and small ironwork. There are also larger construction halls where we work on heavy-load floors using semi-gantry cranes to create sections, and where we can also put together the hull. Our certified construction workshop not only performs welding and high-quality construction for our hulls, but offers a comprehensive range of opportunities for processing and manufacturing steel and other structures.

Mercury Yacht Construction is ISO-certified (9001-2015). This helps to streamline internal operations, improve efficiency and guarantees continuously high-quality yachts.
Of course Mercury Yacht Construction also complies with the applicable legislation and regulations, most importantly the ship’s classification society, VCA, z23, occupational health and safety, the Environment and Planning Act, and the collective labour agreement for Metalektro.

High-quality construction

Mercury Yacht Construction, specialised in shipbuilding, provides a broad range of services, including full hulls (hull-plus), sections, construction work and small iron work. We are driven in the processing of all types of steel, are broadly certified for this purpose and employ our own qualified welding experts and measurements specialists.

Sophisticated technology

As a young company, Mercury Yacht Construction aims to stay in the lead through the application of sophisticated technology in a traditional-style construction environment. This is where we set ourselves apart, which is crucial to success in an era in which technology is the driving force behind innovation and efficiency.

Through smart technological applications in basic and detail engineering, shipbuilding welding processes and hull construction, we can streamline the production processes and follow the schedule. Of course this also contributes to our high-quality and sustainable yachts.

Driven professionals

At Mercury we thrive on a dynamic mix of expertise, where professionals who earned their stripes at Oceanco come together with experienced professionals from various shipyards and our enthusiastic students.

Our team is a melting pot of experience in which various backgrounds and cultures come together. What unites us all? A shared drive for success, unwavering dedication and a collective passion to construct the perfect hull.

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