About Mercury

Passion for perfection

Proud of our past, focused on the future

In 2019, Oceanco purchased the Heerema Fabrication Group construction facility at Noordweg in Zwijndrecht. The most important reason for this purchase was to concentrate our construction activities and refit (Oceanco Life Cycle Support) in one location. This resulted in the founding of Mercury Yacht Construction B.V. in 2020. Reason for existing: to be in full control of the primary building process (integrated construction phase) and to be assured of sufficient capacity as well as securing high-level knowledge.

Mercury is fully owned by Oceanco Group and takes care of building Oceanco’s new hulls. We also provide support in construction work for refit and are open to construction work for third parties.

Mission and vision

The perfect yacht is the owner’s perfect yacht

Our Mission is to deliver the top-quality base that enables our client to build the owner’s perfect yacht.

“It all starts with a vision.”

Our vision is to construct high-quality yacht hulls and support maximum integration for Oceanco’s new builds and life cycle support business.


Our location in Zwijndrecht guarantees a comprehensive service

  • The port of Rotterdam, the North Sea, and our building facility (Oceanco) in Alblasserdam can be reached by water.
  • Construction halls and fully-equipped workshops for efficient production, preparation and assembly.
  • Adequate crane capacity for small and large complex components (overhead crane and gantry cranes).
  • Located in the maritime sector in the Greater Rotterdam area.
  • Plenty of capacity for the construction of large and complex yachts or other projects that can also be performed concurrently.
  • Equipped with facilities that can also provide excellent support to subcontracts (Co-maker hub).


Structural and refit facility that measures 144,000 m2

Refit hall | 132m x 50m x 38m

  • Net measurements, including the door
  • Height is measured below the crane hook
  • Overhead cranes; 2 with 2 catheads of 75T each

Construction hall | 204m x 50m x 30m

  • Net measurements, including the door
  • Height is measured below the crane hook
  • Overhead cranes: 4 with 2 catheads of 35T each
  • Semi-gantry cranes: 2 x 3 days, 8T/piece

Quay facilities | 400m

Our shipyard is equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out large and complex maritime and construction projects.

Trade and travel

Why was the name Mercury Yacht Construction chosen?

The Roman God Mercury is the patron saint of travellers. As a messenger of the gods and protector of travellers, he symbolises a desire for travel and adventurous explorations of various waters. He also represents trade and commercial success. Mercury is the guardian of tradesmen and merchants.

All of this comes together in our company!

Our team

Build together, shine together, excel together

About me

My name is Corné Koorneef and I have been working as a Lead Engineer at Mercury Yacht Construction since 2021. In this role, my responsibilities include the engineering of the hulls that we build for Oceanco at Mercury.

I receive the incoming work and assign it to the various engineers, keeping an overview of quality and scheduling. Ensuring everything is properly aligned, and then watching the hull grow bit by bit – that is what energises me.
Not one day is the same; we might for example get a request for a new refit that needs to be completed in a short amount of time, or a change with a considerable impact on the existing hull; these are all things that make my work dynamic and, above all, challenging.

At Mercury, we have a great working atmosphere, both in the offices and on the work floor. Our mentality is ‘actions speak louder than words’, and I appreciate that and it definitely contributes to results that we can be proud of.

Corné Koorneef

Lead Engineer

About me

My name is Jermain and I work as an Outfit Specialist. In my role I focus on both cooperation and leadership. I feel responsible for achieving the best possible quality in my work and the work of my colleagues.

The appeal of the yacht building industry is what led me to Mercury, where I started off as an Outfitter and moved up the ladder to the position of Specialist. I appreciate the challenges I face every single day and am grateful for the opportunities to expand my knowledge. I also value the great cooperation with my colleagues and opportunities to learn from them.

My workdays are very diverse; in the morning we discuss priorities and we ensure a safe start to the day. While at work I monitor progress, prepare new tasks, and keep track of production work as well as timesheets and more.

This experience at Mercury is very valuable, and the company provides a diverse working environment that allows me to meet challenges and contribute to wonderful end results.

Jermain de Wit

Outfit Specialist

About me

My name is Coen, I am 35 years old and I have been working at Mercury since February of 2021. I work as a Production Engineer, aka work planner, a role that has a pivotal function in technical industries.

The work planner ensures a solid preparation and a smooth execution of projects. The work is multi-faceted and challenging: not one day is the same, and every day there are new problems and opportunities. There is also a lot of contact with suppliers.

I joined Mercury because the building of superyachts interests me. Prior to my position here, I worked in shipbuilding. I was pleased to hear of the founding of Mercury, because in a start-up you can be involved in everything from the outset. That’s something that had always interested me.

I really like working with highly experienced colleagues in work planning. Most of the Mercury team is relatively young, and that makes it a great mix of people to work with.

Coen Lodder

Production Engineer

About me

My name is Francien and I have been working as a management assistant at Mercury since the company was founded in 2020. After five years at Oceanco, I had become familiar with the building completion process of superyachts. But the desire to see these vessels be constructed from start to finish brought me to Mercury. And for good reason, because the transformation from a bit of steel to a superyacht and all the steps in between is truly fascinating.

Working at Mercury offered me the opportunity to take on other responsibilities in addition to the tasks associated with the job of management assistant, such as the coordination of newly-hired employees, working as a contact person, and reviewing legal documentation and safety certificates.

Every day is different and often surprising. The variety between office work and hands-on practice on the work floor gives me satisfaction and fits in perfectly with the practical nature of the company where I feel at home.

Francien van den Berg

Management assistant

About me

My name is Stefan van Amelsvoort and I work as a planner at Mercury. I live in Zwijndrecht and have a view of the shipyard.

In my role I draw up detailed plans for hull construction, in close cooperation with professionals from disciplines including engineering, work planning, and outfitting.

My approach begins by determining a building strategy that integrates all activities within project deadlines. In addition to planning, I am always monitoring progress, analysing changes and making adjustments. I also monitor the schedule and perform post-calculations to help improve internal processes.

The dynamics and variety of interactions between the disciplines form a challenging aspect of my work. I am driven by my desire to strive for synergy between fields of expertise. I am satisfied when joint goals are achieved and I feel proud of the end product.

Stefan van Amelsvoort


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